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Hi Matthew,
I know you are posting this because you mentioned to me privately that you were a little surprised to see Charley bite the corner off the 50 lb salt block and eat it.  Not something he usually does.  It isn't really clear how much Charley has been been consuming from the blocks but your case history says 2 oz a day.  In your message you say 2 or 3.  Do you give different amounts for a reason? 

I looked in the files and in the Salt and Iodine folder in the files and found a link to a message about salt needs posted by Dr. Kellon: 
It says to give  "2, 3 or sometimes more ounces depending on how much they sweat." It has been crazy hot in St. Augustine but you haven't mentioned him sweating. 
What doesn't seem to be covered is giving/allowing more than that for non sweating horses.  

My mare went a little salt nuts. Salt was only put in stalls at this facility so there was no sharing going on.  Within a year (2009-2010) she went thru just under three 20kg white salt blocks.  (For the non-metric minded that is 132 pounds.) That roughly works out to about  5 oz per day.  My vet told me to remove the salt block and give salt just in her feed. But after having done the math and reading about salt needs, I just want to confirm that it is okay to allow non working horses more than 2-3 oz per day? 


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