Evaluation of hooves, please


Please would someone analyze the pics I have uploaded of Desea's hooves. Her most recent trim was Aug 12. I forgot to take all the needed pics that day, but have pics of the missing angles from the day before (I did do some tweaks after the 8-11 photos, though). Her right front foundered quite a bit in July, & some of the others did a bit, too.
I do hoof trims myself, every 2-7 weeks, depending. De is always barefoot. I got front hoof boots but they turned out wrong size, so we only can ride where there are not too many rocks. I don't ride very often or far. De has most of the time seemed about as sound for our type of rides as another barefoot non-IR horse would.
I am wanting some input on about where her hooves look like they rate on a mild-to-serious scale of laminitis & founder problems. I need to get an idea of whether things I have been doing are having reasonably good effects, to figure out if much more work & expense is needed for her to have sufficient care. I may need to sell her, though she is a kind friend to me & fun to ride, too.
I'd also appreciate input on how to improve my trims. I would like to be able to make corrections gradually enough that she continues to be sound for light rides.
Also, if I decide to try to buy correctly fitting boots, are her hooves close enough to desirable shape that current measurements would be suitable for sizing?
Thank you for any input someone is able share!
Laura and Desea
July 2017, Northern Utah
Case history:  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Laura%20and%20Desea
Desea's photo album:  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/album?id=8456

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