Re: is my horse IR?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Yes, 10 is about right although 12 or 13 might be a more realistic upper estimate. **Important** This is for a fed horse with a diet that doesn't contain anything with ESC + starch greater than a mixed pasture.  With those conditions, a normal horse will not test positive. Although this may seem like a rather strict set of criteria the reality is that it misses some IR horses.

It has been estimated it takes an insulin of 80+ to precipitate an acute laminitis picture **but** IR horses have ongoing occult damage to their laminae even if not  classically laminitic.

The whole purpose here isn't to hang a diagnosis on the horse (or not) but to get some insight into their metabolism so that you can feed and manage them accordingly and prevent problems.
Eleanor in PA 

EC Owner 2001

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