Dually is gaining weight

Kim Leitch

Dually was really blimping up, so I took him off all pasture on Aug. 1. His top line looks great, no fat pads or cresty neck, just a ginormous belly. After a couple of weeks up on balanced weighed hay in slow feed nets, I thought he looked fatter. I weighed him with a tape measure using the calculator last week. I carefully took several measurements of his girth, so I was confident in my numbers. He weighed 1046. I weighed him yesterday, one week later, and he weighs 1128, UP 82 lbs! He is on 1 lb of TC Naturals TB cubes as a carrier for all supplements and 16 lbs. of tested, low ESC + starch, Orchard grass hay in 1 inch nets, spread out throughout the day.
His CH is UTD, thanks to LeeAnne, and I put three pictures of his gut in his photo album.
I had noticed this when he was on stall rest for different injuries in the past, he seems to get fatter when up. He is on 0.5 mg of Prascend, and his last ACTH was 15. I will try to up his exercise this week.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

Grits IR, Eeyore PPID, Dually ???

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