What made you test for PPID in the first place?


I've had a tough year horse-wise.  My vet thinks I'm a bit of a paranoid hypochondriac.

When Blitz had his first major episode of laminitis - which I'm still convinced was precipitated by the trim he was given - I asked my vet if he could check the ACTH, and he refused, saying B was far too young, and isn't exhibiting any symptoms.  I'm just wondering, what if the symptoms are very subtle?

He doesn't have any fat pads, but conversely, he has always had filled supraorbital fossas (not puffy, but not indented either).  He doesn't have a "fatty" sheath, but he produces an extreme amount of smegma, and he has a tendency to get a swollen sheath. Despite being barefoot all of his life, he has always been tender footed, especially after being trimmed, and has likely had subclinical laminitis for a long time even though he has never had access to much grass.

It has just been confirmed that B has PSSM/EPSM though he is virtually asymptomatic at present (high resting muscle enzymes and slight muscle atrophy despite correct training are the only signs at present).

I know that it is the prime time to test for ACTH anomalies at the moment, and I really want to get to the bottom of B's ongoing foot soreness.  Would I be completely mad to ask for him to be tested?  Blitz is 6yrs and 2 months old.


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