Re: Seasonal Rise

Tara Sullivan

I am following this thread...very timely for Elf.  I recently posted about increasing his pergolide because his insulin is very high and acth is almost double what it was the year before.  And I deliberately checked before the expected seasonal rise.
As explained in another post...his diet could be tighter, but as long as his acth is high we will never experience a good insulin level.  He is not prone to laminitis...BUT...I just trimmed his feet and see a very slight disturbance at the white lines.  This pony has always had super strong laminar connections...and there is ever so slight a stretch.  RED FLAG!!  WARNING WARNING....

I am scheduled to run labs tomorrow....He is in week 4 on a tighter diet and increasing his pergolide by 50%.  So if I have interpreted correctly the advice of this thread....We should target an acth of 20 or better.  And if insulin is still high....keep tweaking diet. 
Question about the IR doesn't seem to tell me anything when I plug in leptin. 

Thanks guys!! 
Tara And Elf 2015

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