Re: New IR Diagnosis


I feel for you and you have taken on a tremendous job! Size 11, HOLY COW! I hope it is ok to comment here and if it's not just toss it out. I could not do without the extra foam mats fir them to stand on while working with their feet. There is one kind I would get from the surplus store near my old farm and the horses LOVED to stand on these. I was also going to say if for some reason you go with a clog the farrier can cast it on. And if you do an easy care glue on I can tell you we have preferred the N/G because it has the frog support , you can pack it with DIM or something else but that means you can access the sole if needed and you can also leave the wall uncovered and set the shoe back further easier than with a shell if that is helpful. You also have the choice of the heel stays to make it sturdier but less flexible.

I'm not suggesting anything just giving you some of our experience to maybe help you make the best choice. Also really be sure to measure the foot right after trim. Easycare will send you three of the closest sizes if nobody near you has a fit kit.
Wishing you guys success!

March 2013

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