Re: Early Cushing's??


Hi Dr. Kellon,

Thanks to Maggie and LeeAnne, there is a case history and pics now! YEAH!

They for some reason aren't showing up in the signature change to include them but if you search for LM and Shiney's Little Pistol they will show up.

I talked with our really awesome vet that has bravely jumped on board. We both agree that there are probably several things going on at once. IR definitely appears to be part of it. We are going to try a month of pergolide and acepromazine (duration??). I talked him out of bute and we are sitting on fence about the T4. He's game for it but I know it is a temporary fix and would rather address it nutritionally and also be clear on which if the Levo or the pergolide is helping, if it does at all. He had to postpone x-rays till Sept 8th but we are going to do laterals and then a skyline for  any navicular changes?

If you have any additional thoughts now that the basics of the CH and front feet pics are in there that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your hard work!
Shineys Little Pistol
March 2013

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