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Oh I hope everyone that's been helping can take a moment to celebrate ;) I finally got onto a different computer (not a macbook!) and it allowed me to put the files in my signature!! And I added a few more pics. 

That is progress and I got Shiney to eat soaked hay so he has actually lost a bit of weight. And doesn't need to lose anymore. However he keeps a nice little area of fat around the front of his barrel behind shoulder it just doesn't show up in pics. You can see in person or feel it and the two tiny little crests that popped up on his neck back some months ago. He seems a tiny bit less sore in his front feet.

So here is where we are now: Fri. the 8th the vet comes to do some x-rays. We are too limited on donations to do as many as we would like. We will do laterals of both front and RH as that is his foot that shows the most amount of reactivity to testers both sole and heel. The RH dorsal wall has a tendency of getting the "bullnose" look too. Then we were planning on doing three skylines for navicular issues.
Any thoughts on the skyline to identify caudal pain when $ is so limited?

Also Dr. Kellon, I feel kind of lost right now, We know he has metabolic issues and past history of founder. Hence the Acepromazine temporarily as a vasodilator since pain has increased and we didn't want to do bute. As I mentioned one of the past moderators had suggested a few weeks ago pre-cushing's and possibly couldn't tolerate a borderline ACTH (34.5). And I think you had said it was reasonable to do the trial of pergolide. Now I understand that the two shouldn't be used together. Vet didn't know this??
Continuing with ER diet as hay analysis and the associated mineral balancing is a ways off due to hay supplier changing. 
LF sole pic is now saved. He does have some concavity to his front feet but not a lot. This has always been a challenge. The artimud and powder obscure landmarks.  About 6-8 wks ago his sole, frog and bars exfoliated. The sole is about ready to exfoliate again. Last time we had a bit more concavity after that. As far as heels go the pics aren't so helpful there either- the one lateral he is in a bit of a divet in the ground. His heels are definitely not what I think of as crushed, the tubules are nice and straight from all angles BUT they do always grow in an underun direction. That said they are almost back to the widest point of the frog and if lowered anymore would be totally even with the sole and probably not in favor of his palmar angle ( assuming it may be fairly low ). I did try to clean them out, mark and get a better pic but with no help and resistance to keeping his foot up they came out blurry. Will try again this week when I have help..
Just for a trial tomorrow I am going to try a few different wedge pads on boots to see if he prefers any of these.
The vet is still real interested in helping and learning more but at this point going with the feedback I have now changed my mind on the pergolide as per last response. Got vet to hold off on the Levo ( Im not a big fan of that either) and now let Shiney go without the Ace vet gave me. I feel other than waiting for the x-rays, soaking hay, hand walking and some supplements I do not have a very clear direction nor one I could explain to the vet. And he's standing around in pain.

I appreciate the feedback Dr. Kellon, Maggie, Claudia and Lorna

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