Re: Jasuur Case History uploaded


Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for answering.

I plan on doing a blood draw on Wed, the 6th, since that will be two weeks at the 1.05mg dose. I do have some 0.5mg that I could add to get the dose up to 1.55mg.

I'm pretty sure the iron & bleached coats is from the hay. The hay producers have gone to using a rotary mower which is like a lawn mower & sucks up dust & dirt & old cow pies into the hay. Using 8 point rakes adds to the problem. So now I'm looking forward to at least rinsing hay all winter to get the iron down. For the last year and a half we have been hauling tested municipal water from town with no difference in coat color.

I have located some good looking hay & have a sample bagged to send to Equi-Analytical tomorrow. I used the mineral balance that I had for the remaining bales of last year's hay. It's always pretty close each year. But with this controlled diet, I've taken the amounts of Cu & Zn down to 1/3rd of what I was using all winter, and still getting this dramatic result!

Virginia F in South Central Oregon
ECIR 2010

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