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Thanks for your response Lavinia! and the sad news the links still aren't working :/
And thanks for understanding the fine line one walks with bringing back the heel and consequently lowering it. As long as he is in the dry climate of CO and I keep artimud all around and in frog as well as white line the thrush is kept at bay but man take it away and add some moisture and it is out of control. I have always assumed this was at least in part due to a suppressed immune system and perhaps less circulation to his foot since he did actually founder a year before he came into our care. Do you see/hear this same thing often? I have but they were horses that were severely rotated for years without care no doubt circulation was compromised.

In OH we would do an Oxine soak with boots that could be sealed at top. It worked really well. Do you guys prefer the ACV for any reason other than it's easy to access?
I'm definitely not encouraging the exfoliation. I had a feeling it might be because of the boots but wasn't sure so thanks for sharing your experience.Unfortunately, I am physically limited right now and I have to rely on a dear farrier friend that donates his time and skills. He travels quite a distance for this horse otherwise I would like to just use some therapeutic uses of urethanes to extend his heels a hair and try a little wedge along with DIM or something similar in the heel area... but I can't right now. :(! I am attempting to add on a removable 1 deg and 3deg wedge to the boot, individually of course, just to see if he stands better and shows a preference for that. Were you thinking wedges because of a broken HPA axis or because of the caudal ( maybe navicular ) pain he shows and I have been describing?

As far as the flare, at each trim we take as much away as possible, leaving only enough wall when you look at it from the sole to get away with boots on. I assume the flare is from weak laminae attachment and the forces he puts on his hind feet mainly due to the way he stands. Other ideas on why flare persists?

I hope you don't mind me asking you so many questions, you need not answer them all I just appreciate the opportunity to talk with some others knowledgeable on the topic and troubleshoot.

I will keep working on more pics too. I did look at all the links. I'm pretty used to a D65Pr-PaDiO being done to look at the navicular bone area. Can you tell me ( so I can also explain to vet ) why that's less helpful than regular DP's? 
Thanks again Lavinia!
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