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Hi Lavinia,
Thanks for the thorough response. I agree and understand most everything but I'd like to ask for a few clarifications.
In the 2nd paragraph you write "the pain management ingredients" are you referring to just the whole picture, like all the pieces that go into the diet, trim, diagnosis and exercise or do you mean additionally finding the right mixture of nutrients, possibly herbals and meds to reduce the pain enough to get the heel first landing? I am hoping Dr. Kellon will still have an opportunity to comment on what I last asked about when it comes to diagnosis and med management because the vet is really wanting me to make it clear which way I am trying to go. And I am really not comfortable leaving the horse in pain for so long while we pull all these pieces together. When I type her name does it let her know? ( I can't even imagine how busy each of you are so I do ask with that understanding )

On the wedges I do tend to agree with you there about permanent wedges not being so great but do you think some horses are just conformationally compensated and have broken HPA axis therefore needing more than just the right trim to help them?  And in Shiney's case, we are constantly bringing back his toe and heel, without trying to lower it too much trying to get the foot to respond and actually the more aggressive we have gotten with his toe he is showing no response in the heel pain. O course there likely is other factors but what kind of timeline would you say, 4 mos. 8,12?  My friend that is the farrier standing in for me while I'm healing is a big believer that as you bring the toe back and in Shiney's case give him as soft a landing as possible to encourage heel first landing the whole hoof will start to grow more properly so we have that on our side but when I found a pic uploaded here of backing the toe up, it looked like the person went right through the white line, carefully but also maybe part of the toe pillars. Is that actually the case?

I did cut down a wedge pad and slide into boot, no immediate response but my inclination is he needs some soft padding too as his frogs are still part of the sensitive area though they have no infection right now. The boots and with wedges on inside had no cushion.

Yes his feet are very flat, they have been this way since I found him. They actually have a bit more concavity especially in back feet than they have had a few years ago. He has only started this quick exfoliating after being in the Clouds 24/7. I think I notice that both times it has been when it has been extremely hot out and despite artimud and lots of powder there is sweating that doesn't get to dry quickly. What the heck do people do when they are not in the desert like we are and it is hot and humid all the time? I have never found an abcess in his feet and he has never shown the typical severe immediate lameness you see with an access so I'm thinking it is the thinness. X-rays on Fri will tell.
I know in OH we had to remove everyday, disinfect boot, let foot, especially heel bulbs dry out. Wool socks helped but not when it rains, which is often. 

Almost done... We have been taking bringing the walls in so tight at trim ( not in pics ) that there maybe an 1/8' left to stand on and this is not more than 1/16' above the sole. Then we put Clouds on with the wedge pads.
So are you saying take the wall away completely as long as he is in the Clouds (or SoftRides)? And when you say cut out front in pads do you mean cut out where the coffin bone tip is or suspected pressure from rotation? That I have done in a half-moon shape so I'm not clear what you're describing when you say donut in front half. ( Maybe there is a pic somewhere? )
Last ? when you say ramp the heels, I'm not familiar with that term and am thinking I probably know it by another name. Can you give quick explanation or link? I tried the links in the wiki I think and a few of them were broken.

Ok thanks so much Lavinia for all your help!! It's truly priceless!

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