Re: questions re: IR and Cushings

Karen Warne

Thank you Dr. Kellon,

i appreciate that explanation, as I am goal oriented so it's helpful to have a number that is a goal... I am managing his diet and life as tight as I can, to the point everything revolves around him.  Lol.  He is my horse, but more importantly, he is my therapist, so I will keep it up as he does look so much better... except for that worrisome sweating and his longer than normal coat - unless I bodyclip him, which I've done twice this summer.  

A question regarding the l-thyroxine:  If the L-Thyroxine is making him a little hyperthyroid, could that be contributing to his sweating?   Also, could it also make him a little more jumpyn shopping  than normal?  He almost never spooks, but recently I am noticing him worrying about things a little more when there is something new...

Given your suggestion for the ACTH, I think I will plan on the TRH Stim test in the spring ~(March) when I retest his insulin Nd glucose.  

Thank you and God bless this group for your amazing help with Luke!  As an aside, I've changed all my Amazon shopping to the with the ECIR group being the beneficiary of the donations.  What a great and easy way to support this group as you all help our horses...


Karen and Luke 

May 1 2017

Northern California

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