Re: Flax seed oil capsules


Hi Stephanie,

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are right that "pure" flaxseed oil does not contain lignan.  The "high lignan" flaxseed oil has the lignan added back in after the oil is expelled.

But I think your math is off for the dosage--or my brain is still asleep.  Here's Jaini's "make your brain hurt" post on flaxseed and flaxseed oil:   The most important part for you to know is this sentence:  "Horses on pasture eat about 17 grams/day omega 3 (1,000 lb horse)".  

1 gram = 1000mgs, so if your capsules contain 500 mg, and you need 17 grams (17000 mgs) my math shows that you need 34 capsules (yikes!)  to equal 17 grams of omega 3.  I *think* you may have only multiplied the 17 grams by 100 = 1700 divided by 500 = 3.4 capsules, but PLEASE recheck my math!!

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March 2011
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