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Hi LM,

I was referring specifically to the "Neosporin + pain relief" product (or generic equivalent) itself:

A broken back HPA is a pathological condition that is created. As with any pathology, it's possible there is a hereditary component but generally, this is a trim problem. In a QH, especially in the hinds, it can happen in what seems like the blink of an eye as it seems the CB tends to sit at the lower end of the "normal" range for palmer angle and the slightest excess toe length sets up a ground parallel/negative plane scenario. Once that happens, it takes a lot of consistent attention to the trim to get it back to correct.

If you have Clouds, the pads should already be wedged. You could add the wedge in under the current cloud pad as a trial as I agree it sounds like he definitely needs to have soft padding for comfort. Yes, alleviate the pressure under the area where the leading edge of the coffin bone is - which you have already done :)

It looks like he needs every millimeter of height he has in the back half of his feet so don't try to move those heels back at all. The xrays will really be helpful here - just please be sure they are done technically correctly and the dorsal wall and frog location are marked.You don't want to waste precious funds on lousy xrays. Check here for the specifics:

Ramp or bevel the heel: Leaving the current heel buttresses completely alone, bevel the remaining under run heel area slightly, starting at the rear of the current buttress and moving back toward the heel bulbs. Bevel the heels in his boots the same way. Does that make more sense?

How does he land when he moves? If it's toe first, it's sabotaging everything you're trying to do. Heel first is the goal but at least flat for now. One possibility here may be to try rim casts instead of the boots. That way, you don't get the soggy factor messing things up. Plus, it would help with keeping the wall integrity stronger. But first, you need to get the trim set up well.

Let's see what the xrays tell us, then we can devise a better strategy going forward.
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