Re: questions re: IR and Cushings

Karen Warne

Dr. Kellon,

Inflammation is a huge disease stimulator in humans, and I believe more and more that there must be a definite connection with the inflammatory processes and our horses.  Ever since I got Luke as a youngster, he has had inflammatory responses to grass (he had gingivitis which I figured out was due to the grass sitting on his gums, so I brush his teeth everyday... of course, now he has no grass at all), and he reacts to vaccines (I just did titers for WN this year due to past severe reactions), and bug bites have bugged him relentlessly (until I put him on flax several years ago), but the bug bite reactions are almost non-existent this summer since Claire suggested 10-12 Gms Chondroitin Sulfate/day.  That plus he's on his balanced diet with as low sugar as I can make it.  

Karen and Luke 

May 1 2017

Northern California

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