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Paula Hancock

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 06:08 pm, Marsha wrote:
I feel like I have pressure. This pony is in more pain everyday and the vet and farrier were very down giving me the only option of a tenotomy today. They wanted to know my decision tonight. 
Hi Marsha,
Great job on getting things done in spite of technology!  The vet and farrier are trying to help with the only information they have, but the surgery isn't going to fix what needs to be fixed.  From our experience with horses and ponies in this type of situation, the fastest way out is to follow the protocol developed here which is based on scientific research and tons of successful turn arounds.   
Cushing's/PPID causes the muscle to breakdown faster than it can be formed.  Until that is under control, he is going to have a hard time putting and keeping weight on.  Until the insulin level is under control and the trim set up to support his internal structures, his feet are going to hurt.  
How is Oreo's attitude?  
Hang in there, you can help him!
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