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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Marsha,

Don't be sorry - you're doing fine. Thank-you for persevering to get the xrays up.

From the xrays, there was NO bony column rotation at all until the very last set done on Sept 17th. Even then, there is only a slight amount of bony column rotation. The majority of the "rotation" that is being seen is of the hoof capsule - this is a trim issue that has been present in every one of the xrays. Although there was some initial improvement in the trim, it never actually aligned the hoof capsule properly with the bony column. The soles have been thin all along and there is sinking which doesn't appear to have changed at all since the first xrays.

The only thing that appears to have happened is that the Ultimates were applied to a pony who had distal descent (sinking) and a sub-optimal trim - the Ultimates are not to be used with a "sinker" as they will make the situation worse. The Ultimates need to come off immediately. The toes need to be pulled back more but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is any sole material to be removed. The heels will need to come down only slightly as the bony column is barely out of alignment.

You do NOT need a tenotomy and there is no reason to believe that this is a "last ditch" situation for Oreo. While not great, his xrays are in no way close to some of the really horrible things we have seen come thru on this group. The mechanical issues with his feet area a fairly straight forward fix.

First, get the shoes pulled and put him in padded boots like the Soft Rides or Easycare Clouds. Get the diet tightened up. You will likely need to increase the pergolide dose as well.

Then you need to find a hoof care professional who understands how to back toes and correctly balance a foot. Or you can take this on yourself. Either way, we can help with that.

Breath, both inhale and exhale. This really is fixable without major surgeries.

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