Re: Early Cushing's??


Hi Lavinia,
thanks, that really clarifies those suggestions..We are ready for x-rays tomorrow, play-doh, shortened tacks and barium all.! :) Thank you for the encouragement to follow my instincts on the wedge and cushion trial.
We do actually bevel the heels now, we didn't until about two trims back, so again thanks for that and also the pointer to do the same to the boots.
Another great tip for the casts back East. I did them fairly frequently for other purposes thanks to Dave Richards kind donations to our non-profit but now I can keep that in mind for if we have to move this horse back at some time to OH. Hopefully well though.

On sand or booted he lands anywhere from flat footed to heel first on Left side but on RF he still hits toe first though not as badly as before. LH is heel first  and RH is flat footed. Cannot say what the little bit of progress is from-soaked hay, a short trial of low dose Ace?

I hope to post them quickly and have one of my interns do some immediate trimming since I can't during recovery but I still would really like Dr. Kellon to suggest like I asked above... What path am I taking this willing vet down? Of course we will no more after x-rays but he knows I am using the generous guidance here and he  is game for all for it except the iron overload theory due to "the black rhino" and just seeing the info extrapolated from that. Additional pain management, nutritional support while he going to be on soaked hay for awhile. Ace? When/ how do you decide to end that and try pergolide?
Are there not inflammatory markers that are hint towards laminitis yet?

Thanks, I hope some day I can give back to you guys like you have to this horse and the little group around him learning. (Just a positive fyi, we have two vet students studying with us and they say they learn more here than they do in some classes and I give some of that credit to all of you! A little bit of extra hope for "No laminitis" in the future!

March 2013
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