Re: Selenium 2nd request

Lorna Cane

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 04:24 pm, Kim Leitch wrote:
My concern is not about the past, but the fact that Grits has lost so much of her mane and tail since being on balanced minerals with 2 mg of Se yeast. What is the purpose of so much Se for an IR horse?
Just to say that years ago I  had a Se toxicity problem, from a cocked up custom mineral mix.
The amount of Se that 5 of my then-9 horses were getting before mane/tail hair began falling out, garlic odour on breath, coronary band eruptions was in the neighbourhood of 100mg/day.They had no business living, but they did - although all 5 sloughed all their hooves.
Not taking 2 mg lightly at all, but just wanted to add my experience.
Blood tests did corroborate the clinical signs.Very expensive blood tests.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario, Canada
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