Re: Prunes as Delivery Device


The website for Champion Treats lists the analysis for the treats and states that the sugar content is 11.7% and the starch is 15.1% DM.  The website also states that the treats contain 1 Gm of starch..  In basing safety of feed, treats, etc. we look at percentage of S/S , not how many grams per feeding or treat.  So 27% S/S. 

Conversely , Equipocket treats have a total S/S of 6%.

100 grams of prunes has 5.1% starch and 61 grams of total sugars, including fructose.  100 grams of prunes = 12 prunes.  Most members are not using 12 prunes a day.  ! prune has somewhere around 3.5 grams of carbohydrates.

Beverly, I use a gooey, molasses based treat(Nickerdoodles) for Tipperary because he ended up loathing everything else because they didn't hide his Prascend well enough. I am going to try Equipockets for my persnickety stud , but members need to understand that Nickerdoodles,  and other treats are not healthy treats, albeit they might be the last resort for med administration. To your point, it's a very small "dose" of S/S overall in the diet, but as Lavinia pointed out, could add up quickly if used throughout the day as rewards. And there are some extremely sensitive IR horses who might find them problematic in the long run.
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