Starting pergolide before testing ACTH?

Cheryl V.

Hello all,
I asked my vet about starting my mare on pergolide right away and he brought up a good point.  That being if she's well controlled on the dosage given and then we test for ACTH won't that come back as a false negative? 

Another thing I asked him was if he'd be willing to write a script for compounded pergolide and he said that he won't do it... short of using a different vet what are my options?

CH was updated with a little info today, just added her weight from weight tape and added the link to her photo album which now has two photos in it.  One of her from May of this year where I thought she looked to be at a good weight and one from last month where she's showing the cresty neck and potbelly typical.  Her top line is also worse now than it was before.   Oh and you can see her eye tearing too.  Only change between two pics is access to pasture. 

Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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