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Yes, Regina, I have.  It was the hardest and best thing I ever did was to fire the trimmer and learn to do it for myself and my horse.  It has taken a little while but well worth it.  Also the vet relationship is sadly going down hill too.  I called about the seasonal rise problem with my PPID/IR horse and they said they would get back to me and never did.  I made the decision to treat symptoms through the seasonal rise and already am seeing a great improvement in my horse.  We will go back to the regular dose after the rise and then try to get an appointment again of if need be find another vet.  But I was seriously upset when I called and told them how bad my horse was and they did not call me back.  I hope this feeling of being upset calms soon just in case I really need them.  It is so hard to find any other vets in our area.  I would hope they would have more concern for their patients (my horses).  Would love to have a Dr. Kellon student (vet) next door!

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i don't know if this is ok to bring up here, but has anyone else developed a true dread when it comes to farrier and vet appointments?  my farrier and vet's office and others are connected and i am getting the distinct impression that my approach of knowing what i want is only tolerated, even though i'm spending tons of money with these people.  I'm furious and frustrated.  i already have a job.  it's hard (though honestly interesting) to learn all of this stuff while paying people who should know it in the first place.  ugh....

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