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Hi Regina,
I feel your pain! Especially concerning farriers. Vets, on the other hand, have to learn so many species with so many different systems and so many different diseases and conditions that I am truly in awe of them. Yes, most are behind the curve concerning PPID and IR. But we . . . WE, thanks to this group, are on the cutting edge. Vet education hasn't caught up yet, but the good ones recognize success when they see it. Stick to your guns, you have a cheering section of thousands behind you. Your payoff will come as Smokey returns to health - enough payoff on its own. But, then, if you're lucky, you will find that your vet and farrier have learned some things from you! Which brings enough respect for your knowledge that they're happy to comply with your requests, as they want to see how long you can keep that horse healthy, doing things they are only just learning about!
No vet, no farrier, can do more for your horse than you can. Bribery (cookies) for the vet and farrier, or reminding them who pays the bills, whatever it takes. Keep your eye on the prize, do everything you're advised here, and Smokey will be your living proof that you weren't just "that crazy lady who wants us to do things different". 
What a sweet feeling while you're riding your happy horse! ;>)
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