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Hi Regina,

It is VERY frustrating! I second Melinda and DarkHorse's suggestions. I also know that area. It is very hard. People are not comfortable with going out of their box. I am a farrier and I have six years of education in health and medicine as well as decades of experience there and just last night s farrier back there told me I'm full of bull**** because I made the simple statement of a horse's hoof health can be compromised by being shoed on a chronic basis. Because I use herbs for a lot of different things and very careful restricted use of vaccinations a vet in Lisbon told me "I'm just like the witches they used to burn". They get very extreme! 

But stick to it. Treat them well and insist for the same respect back, if they can't do that then move on. We have finally reconnected with a vet, now that we are in CO, that is way more updated than other vets even out here. He can also tell you he has a lot to learn about this particular subject and he is open to hearing and trying my ideas when I can explain why. I compliment him a LOT on his willingness to keep an open mind and also that we can agree to disagree sometimes with no upset feelings, that's what makes us a good team. I let him know he is unique and I'm grateful for him. The little extra effort to let him know that has helped build an even better relationship. When I look for someone new farrier or vet, I ask them right from the get go, before they come, do they do any integrative medicine or hoof care, what is their experience with x,y,z, condition, what's their willingness to work with me as a team. etc. If I don't get the answers I'm looking for I keep dialing. I know there is not a lot of very educated AND open-minded people back there but I think eventually you will find someone that says "yeah I'd take that on and yeah I'd like to work as a team". You are not alone!
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