I don't want Thyro-L

Ann Conn

Thank you Maggie
This is story....horse just wasn't "right". Vet came, drew blood,took it back and took off for a week, hopefully back next week, but did turn over to other vet, gave details, told her to watch for results. So she called, results were ACTH 78.4, insulin 80. She had talked to primary vet who wanted to put him on Thyrol-L.
So I asked about Prascend? Response, "she wants to get his insulin down first". We talked several times more and getting Prascend was o.k.d and I got 10 1mg yesterday and started weaning him on today.
Haven't gotten any thyro-l.. also haven't been able to get copy of lab report. Will try to get lab report next week when original vet gets back,,also will try to get script for 1.25mg pergolide mysolate.
Other priorities are getting hay tested then balanced, trim scheduled Oct.2. When I can find everything, I will try to do case history, but only have apple things. In meantime...
Azeem is 16 (03/25/2001) yr old Huckleberry Bey grandson (Arabian). 15.1 hands, 870-880 lbs.on weight tape. Oak acorns in winter of 2013... impaction colic, low protein, had transfusions, etc. at vet for three weeks. In 2016, laminitis (slight rotation) and I.R. Although ACTH and insulin were in high normal. I restricted diet, he lost some weight, increased trim frequency to 3, no more then 4 weeks. March of 2017 his feet were good...he went back to excercise, riding this summer until he started just not wanting to move forward, acting stiff, but trimmer couldn't find anything wrong with feet. I cannot see him limping at all, but will leave him off riding a while longer. He's on sand, dry lot, except for 20" rain during Harvey. In 2016, with laminitisdiagnosis, shoes and wedges were strongly recommended, but he's been barefoot since 2009 when he left the barn where he had been classically trained (very well, too), where they fed oats and alfalfa, and I brought him to my place. He is beautiful and brilliant and happy unless I'm not prompt enough when he's ready to eat. His diet is well controlled until I get hay tested again. First time it was fine, but I didn't consistently feed that because I couldn't afford it...now I just buy it anyway.
No ECIR practsing vets in area that I know of, so will see how things go next week.
Thank all of you,
Central texas

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