Re: Cushings and hives


One year we had the scraping done and it was ringworm, after that the
scrapings each year were neg. for ringworm. It is a bug allergy, we are
pretty sure. (Black flies??? or "No see'ums") but if you didn't know better,
one might think "rain rot" for a mule that goes in and out of the barn
whenever she chooses, and never stand out in the elements. We did the
fulvocin for ringworm, and that worked like a charm. That was quite a few
years ago, and that was stubborn stuff, luckily it did not pass to the other
mule or Daisy Mae, our mini donkey. Yep, vet checks her out each year, then
ends up giving her the anithistamine injection and the hives go away. The
scabby legs, chest, underbelly and various other little spots remain, but the
itchiness seems to decrease, and that is my goal. I hate to see her rubbing
on everything and the rubbing just intensifies the itching. We all know how
that goes! Well, we are just biding our time and doing the vinegar today.
That gives her a little relief, it seems. Kay, ready to call the vet when
the first "big welt" appears

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