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Hi Pauline,
 Thank you for your reply. 

 I have not run any further blood tests since July. I would love to have the information that the blood work would provide, but I had to weigh the cost vs benefit and came to the conclusion that likely her insulin is still not controlled, and regardless of what her ACTH level is right now, the fact that she is progressively getting more foot sore by the day indicated I needed to do something different quick.
 Her diet is tight. Dry lot, fed tested ESC/Starch 8% hay, etc. I am not soaking her hay at this point. I would be willing to soak temporarily, but not indefinitely, so would like to see if I’m able to control this situation without soaking.  The grass is two feet out from her fence around her dry lot. Occasionally I see bloody sores on her fetlocks.  I assume she has been down on her fetlocks reaching as far as she can to reach a blade or two. Which hasn’t been a laminitis inciting issue since whatever caused her laminitis last fall.  
 I am happy with her trim. Although I am slightly prejudiced since I trim her myself. This could possibly warp my assessment of her trim, so I am always open to critique. 
 She is not currently in boots. Right now she is moving at a walk well, with slight digital pulses. I’d like to change as little as possible for this first week on Prascend so that I can evaluate the effect of the Prascend. 
 Lavinnia did not do any mark up or evaluation of her trim in July. I was happy that radiographically her sole depth had improved, and there was less evidence of rotation compared to her November 16’ radiographs. I am able to measure externally that the sole depth has improved even more since July. That was two weeks ago I measured.  Radiographs would be great to have again, but cost is always a factor in what I can do.  
 I am concerned that I am reaching the limit of what I can do for Splash, and keep doing for her for the next 15 years. I don’t know that I can go through this repeatedly, or put Splash through this. I am hoping pergolide will be what she needs to control her insulin. 
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