Re: getting vet to prescribe pergolide #legalityofpergolide

Helen Temps

On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 02:57 pm, regina bruno wrote:
a. Exceeds VCPR rule (i.e., mass manufacture, advertising and distribution except in limited circumstances)
b. Mass advertised for large population of end users without justification (i.e. lack of other products to treat condition in that species)
 d. (sic)Compounded product mimics equivalent FDA approved product available on market
• Use of the compounded product in lieu of FDA approved, for cost savings only, is legally prohibited and thus not an “insured occurrence”.
Regina,   I interpret that to mean that compounded Pergolide is no legal?  Not sure how this will convince my Vet (who says she could lose her license prescribing it) to prescribe!   Am I missing something?  Does this vary State to State in the US?  I am now confused more than ever. 

Helen Temps and Chloe  June 2017
Placerville, CA

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