Re: Adaptogen and Pergolide dosage

Nancy C

Hi Sue

Personally I did not use the angled Soft-Ride pads.  They ned to be used only if they help the horse after a trim in which heel height has been removed. Lately we have not seen a lot of that here, but it can be common that heels get too high.

The wedge pad allows the horse to break into new soft tissue placement.  Often the wedge pads are used for too long, just making the problem worse by jacking the horse up for too long. 

SO.....if she does not need them - if she is not walking better, obviously more happy in wedge pads -  I would use flat pads. I just bought interlocking fatigue mats (Lowe's Home Depot, etc.) and cut them up to fit the boot.  They would hold up for  several days to a week before I needed to replace them.

IME I found six weeks to be too long, especially when recovering from laminitis. I  will be interested to hear your follow up.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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