X-rays, and trim pics posted- Lavinia-Dr. Kellon..can you help?


Hi I finally got all three lateral x-rays posted. There are three DP's not up yet but other than a little off balance medial to lateral in left front, everything was pretty good. All the shots of the trim afterwards are up. We brought his toes back a lot in his hind feet and didn't touch heels to basically change the angle. He responded better than any of us expected. Stands square, stops square, doesn't hesitate to back and tracks nicely underneath himself. His front feet we brought back the toe left only 1/16"of height at the toe pillars. We did not lower heels only put the ramp on them. We also added a 1 degree wedge to his boot first just the right because that was the one he is the most sore on though the vet's angle of coffin bone said 2.7 and the left is lower. Not much difference so I added to both boots. It helps some but not much. Soles are thinner than I'd like but certainly seen thinner with less pain. He is less lethargic than he was before so that's a good sign

He has been on soaked hay and the ER diet for I think 6 weeks, I would have expected inflammation would have subsided.

Is this an reasonable expectation?

I know his BIG pendulous belly is the only physical sign resembling Cushing's but beyond much more expensive diagnostics that we cannot do. We are stumped.

I just finally got our corer today so we will still be doing that part and the mineral balancing but do you guys see something we are missing?

The main thing is he is just very short-strides and toe-first landing on RF. left front is a flat landing. This is on soft sand with no boots. With boots improves but stil not sound.

Thank you so very much.

March 2013
New Springfield, OH/Ft. Collins, CO

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