Re: Early Onset PPID

k frog

  Thank you for your reply. 

  You have certainly worked your way through some odd presentations of IR/PPID. It is helpful to hear your story, read your case history’s, and regain my hope that I can help my horse. 

 I have been following this group for years. I don’t really know why I’ve been so drawn to this equine malady. I have had one horse previously that I rehabbed from I/R induced laminitis, and a couple others that were probably I/R that I managed with diet to avoid laminitis. I worked 15 years as an equine veterinary technician and saw more than my share of horses suffering from IR/PPID/Laminitis. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think I would end up in the situation I’m in now. I am usually up for a good mystery, but this puzzle with Splash is a bit much.

 I promise to update her Case History this week. As of today, day 5 of Prascend, she is moving better, I can barely pick up a digital pulse in any of her feet, and she appears brighter. Fingers crossed.

Karen F


October 2013

Molalla, Oregon

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