Chaste Tree Berry for PPID


A couple of months ago I started adding CTB to both my mares diets.  My mini is confirmed diagnosed PPID/IR and is on pergolide, the QH mare is confirmed IR.  I decided to try both on it for different reasons.  The mini - to help with shedding.  The QH to help with very 'mare-ish' behaviour.  I have entered the mini's details in the CTB database.  

The problem is neither will eat their mineral supplement ration with any amount of it in.  They started off trying it with a tiny amount, but with increased amounts, they rejected it all.  So I have ceased after trying for about a month.  

Any suggestions for a solution or an alternative that will address the symptoms I need to address? I am in Australia and am not aware of any alternatives.

Sandra Weston

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