Re: Second request for help with low heels

Helen Temps

Thank you for the replies.  I'll try to get a pic today, what I'm talking about is normal excess hoof wall growth that a farrier trims off.  Does that make sense?  So I should trim the wall off extending beyond the sole to keep pressure on the the back of the foot? 

I was hoping for a miracle product to alleviate the cumbersome boots. Wish there was someone in my area that did hoof casts, that looks like a quick, easy approach while the heel is growing out.  Products I have found online recommend it is not a 'do it yourselfer', but then I guess we horse owners are doing a LOT of stuff recommended for professionals only when we can't find a 'pro' in our area!   haha  

Helen Temps and Chloe  June 2017
Placerville, CA

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