Re: Riosa Trim feedback please


Thank so much Mary.  I will review all the info.  As for the comment about her sole he at have taken sole off as the vet had commented as did Lavinia that she may have too much sole... But then again hard to see as the X-ray was showing the wood block in it:(

If I tell my farrier to not remove any sole at all this trim then that should work.  He is not the easiest to deal with as thinks I am all over the Internet following random advice and has his back up a bit.  I will just tell fib if necessary and say that she was foot sore after trim - so no sole touched at all.  

I will research the mustang role and see what I can relay to him... Like I said he is not the easiest and if even thinks I am following barefoot trimmer techniques he has a fit.  No reasonable I know.  Thanks again for all the advice!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


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