2nd request for input on trim ( Lavinia ) and continued health issues ( Dr. Kellon )


Hi Lavinia and Dr. Kellon,
I have seen how slammed you are Lavinia with a lot of requests so I hate to ask again but I am with appreciation. I did fix that one x-ray and explained in my last message and some of the photos of trim following x-ray what we did and why we are all still stumped. Shiney has actually been consistently sound in boots at a walk and trot and a few strides of cantering this past week since I left last message. Progress. I am thinking that the change in angle is what is helping and that in the boots with wedges he has more equal weight distribution to the caudal area. Lavinia can you go back to the x-rays and trim pics done after and see if we are missing anything. I think you might say take more off without losing the height in the heels??

Dr. Kellon I have been asking for I think a couple months for your input on why still the soreness and pot belly, and sometimes lethargy. I know there are thousands of people on here but I hoped by doing all the steps, CH, diet, x-rays and all the help by Maggie, Lorna and LeeAnne to straighten out the problems with the signature, CH and pics you might be able to give us one more piece of advice if you think there is something to be said?
Thanks for the great team effort!

March 2013
New Springfield, OH/Ft. Collins, CO

ShineysLittle Pistol


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