Re: 2nd request for input on trim ( Lavinia ) and continued health issues ( Dr. Kellon )


Hi Dr. Kellon,

Thanks so much for the reply! Yes we were relieved (!) to see some of the good info on the x-rays and some that were fixable with trim. Unfortunately we are out of funds to do anymore x-rays. I would like to think with the better trim, after the x-rays, aligning the bony column would relieve the stress on the NB and DDFT, is that correct? Is it likely ( possible of course ) that at 14yrs of his previous trim and MUCH worse than that the first seven yrs that there is irreparable damage to the navicular area. He has been a lot more sound in the past few years so I would tend to think that is achievable again?? I am guessing there is info to be found in files on how much Jiaogulan to give. If not can you or a moderator direct me to something on this?

He is actually at 18 lbs of hay which if I did my math right that is 1.5% of body weight which I thought was correct amount. Is that incorrect? I know he thinks it is incorrect! ;) We did FINALLY get the hay sample today and will send it off to Equi-anylytical tomorrow. No doubt there are nutrient deficiencies right now with two months of ER diet. I have seen you comment on protein supplementation before. Would you suggest anything right now or just wait till we get results back?
Thanks again for all your hard work!
March 2013
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