Re: 2nd request for input on trim ( Lavinia ) and continued health issues ( Dr. Kellon )


I'm sorry Lavinia, I had just finished my reply last night and I lost internet connection! Anyhow Thanks, for the reply and while there is a long way I am grateful for some of the improvements! I understand most everything you are saying except just a few clarifications if you don't mind.

I do see the gap between the wall and the sole you mention but if at that place the wall and sole are at the same height do you really take off more or just keep at it as it grows out? Also when you say 9 and 3 I am thinking behind what people would refer to as the toe pillars, almost at the widest part of his foot since he has such a round foot. Is that what you mean? If so, with the need to keep the height in the heels, them being underrun and of course have a smooth transition from front to back that would seem really difficult. Am I taking the 9 and 3 too literal or is there something you think I am not understanding, maybe even someone else's pic that is very similar that comes to your mind? I don't want to take more of your time so if you can't think of one we will keep at it and I usually try to read your responses to others and the links to soak it all up. ;)

Thanks again Lavinia on behalf of Shiney and the couple vet student interns I have right now helping with Shiney that are learning from everything you, dr. Kellon and the rest of the team share!
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