Pain relief

Sue Hansen

Dawn is suffering with pain and doesn't want to move.   I have Jiaogulan Plus liquid drops.  Will that help her with circulation in the hooves?  What about  Uckele Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL 98%, L-arginine alphaketoglutarate to help with pain, Uckele's LaminOx - which has the Jiaogulan and the AAKG, phyto Quench?  

I have vitamins and minerals from Uckele for balancing her hay, plus I have included Cocosoya to cover the taste.  So far she gets very little of it since I am trying to get her used to the flavors.  She's on 3.5 Prescend tablets per day.  My farrier is coming out in the next few days to pull the shoes my vet recommended and I will put her back in her SoftRide boots or would you recommend not using them.  She has complete stall rest.

The last time I had a question, there was difficulty getting to my case history.  
Sue H.
June 2017. Markle, IN USA
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