Re: Winter laminitisand back on track

Josephine Trott

HI Heather,
I've used them since mid april every day on my morgan who strained an extensor tendon when he slipped on grass trying to run from a helicopter (in a 12x24ft pen mind you).  The first day I did as instructed and didn't leave on for more than 4 hours and his leg was definitely hot under the wrap at the end, but after that I've left them on for up to 40 hours at a time and the leg isn't that much hotter than under a regular standing wrap.  This is during CA summer (110F) and dry heat but he didn't develop any fungal or other skin conditions on that leg under the wrap - and he usually does get scratches on that leg as it's his only white one.  They are expensive but after 6 months of use, rotating between two wraps on that one leg so I can clean them regularly, there's little sign of wear.
Davis CA 06/09

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