Millionairess-a few issues


I'm having a few issues with Millionairess-

She has unilateral yellow nasal discharge for the second time. It first occurred the end of August. Power floating, one molar extraction and a course of antibiotics cleared it up. Now it has started again the end of Oct. but not as bad as before. We've started Uniprim again yesterday.

There's a quarter crack in a front hoof that's been ongoing for several months. My farrier isn't concerned but it seems to be getting higher. She's barefoot and trimmed every 7-8 weeks.

ACTH was just done and is 33.9 (9-35). She's presently on 16 mg of compounded Pergolide from Pet Health Pharmacy. I'm thinking of increasing her dose as she seems to be drinking and urinating a lot. There's been some ocular discharge and she had some patchy sweating on her haunches a few months ago. She's also stocking up in her hind legs. That used to occur but stopped once she started on Pergolide. This makes me think that her dose isn't high enough.

I've uploaded a new case history. She's been switched  a few months from a hay diet to pellets, beet pulp and ODTBC with some grazing due to weight loss. She looks much better but now we have the other issues.

Any suggestions and dose recommendations are appreciated.

Jennifer & Mill
Middle Tn 2010

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