Re: Millionairess-a few issues


Hi Jaini,

Thanks for the suggestions. We started at 12 mg of Pergolide this year and have already gone up to 16 mg. We've been increasing by 2 mg at a time lately and can try going up to 20 mg.

The minerals may have to wait for a while. I work at a practice with 9 vets and the only one willing to float Mill's teeth died on her birthday this year. So combining the expense of another clinic doing it plus a molar extraction, my other horse needing a farm call for choking on hay, and the added expense of pelleted feed instead of local hay has severely limited my financial resources. Do you know of any more affordable balancing supplements that might work? She's been on Nutramino for her topline but I thought of switching to HorseTech Glanzen 3 or BioFlax20 to include some hoof support. I'll contact Standlee about an analysis but don't know how successful that will be. For what mineral amounts am I looking?

You mentioned orchard grass and timothy pellets as potentially being high iron due to processing. I assume that would be the case with alfalfa pellets as well? I know it's not recommended in IR horses due to possible hoof issues which is why I've stayed away from it. 

Hopefully I put in the case history that she is getting about 4 oz of Cocosoya. Will this give her enough omega 3's or do we need something else?

Her nasal discharge included a fair amount of blood this morning so I'm going to stop her Vitamin E capsules for the moment. She's only had 2 doses of Uniprim and it took 4 days last time to see improvement. Is there a limit to how long or often she should be on antibiotics? I don't give injections so that makes a difference on what we can use. 

How long do we have to wait after a drought breaking rain to resume light grazing? I'm still waiting on the insulin level from her blood work, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that she's still above the IR levels.

How old was your Arabian when on the 25 mg of Pergolide?

Thanks again,

Jennifer & Mill
Middle TN 2010

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