Re: Millionairess-a few issues


Hi Jaini,

Thanks for taking the time to work in answering us. Too bad the conference wasn't about 18 years ago when I lived in Mesa. Mill came from a farm in Scottsdale but she wasn't PPID & IR then.

Hopefully there will be an affordable mineral supplement. The Vermont blend was the cheapest at $72 for 60 days.

Wow, your horse was on 25 mg at 35. At the rate we're going Mill will be up to that in no time. I wonder what the highest dose on record is. At what point is the dose split to twice a day?

How much flax do I need to add to the cocosoya?

My gelding is better but now I'm soaking his hay to prevent a repeat of choking. Not exactly the fun that I wanted heading into winter. He's IR so it certainly won't hurt him.


Jennifer & Mill
Middle TNĀ  2010

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