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Hi, Helen - First of all I have to say: Good Work!!!!!  Chloe's insulin numbers have come down quite a lot since the beginning of this journey.  The ACTH is good (we like to see 20 or below, although some horses do even better if it is in the 16-18 pg/ml range).

The G:I ratio, RISQI, and MIRG can give slightly different results.  With your G:I reading as uncompensated, and the RISQI right at the cut-off for uncompensated/poorly compensated/ compensated, I think you may assume that Chloe is still uncompensated. However, no freaking out!  Just take this information as notice that she shouldn't be grazing, or fed as anything other than an IR horse; and that also she will have a greater leap back into IR when her ACTH isn't controlled (which, in its weird way, is kind of convenient - if you see the eyes getting goopy, the crest enlarging etc and you know her diet hasn't changed, that is a red flag for uncontrolled ACTH).

The crest and body condition have very much improved.  Make a habit of grasping the crest with two hands and wriggling it every day to assess firmness; this can give you advance warning of things going sideways.  I think the trim is much better, also, especially that left front.  You *might* be able to take a little more off the toes on the fronts, but it could be my imagineoscope seeing that.

Well done, you!

Jaini Clougher (BSc,BVSc)

Merlin (over the bridge) ,Maggie,Gypsy, Ranger

BC 09
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