Re: New hoof photos

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sue,

Backing the toe should not be a gradual process - it needs to be done as quickly as possible to get the breakover set where it needs to be so you stop the damage that it is doing with every step the horse takes. I also disagree with keeping a sore horse without protection. If she is sore, she will move with toe-first landings, which will exacerbate all the issues that the feet already have. Boots are both protective and also a active rehab tool to allow the horse to move correctly. Good job of putting the boots back on when you saw she wasn't comfortable.

Really need a full set of photos to be able to make the most informed comments but from the ones that you posted, the toes are still much too long. It appears as if the trim just shortened the vertical height of the entire hoof capsule following along the same angles that were already there. This didn't take into account the changes that needed to be made based on what the radiographs revealed.

Agree that placing her hay in various locations to encourage gentle movement is a good thing.

Can sure sympathize with the mineral issue - it seems our special needs guys are determined to make getting them healthier an uphill battle. Hang in there.

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