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Debra Trujillo

My vet thinks this is what happened to my horse, Abby.  

"1. Is it possible for a horse to have low shedding of small strongyle eggs in the manure, but still have a large encysted larvae burden? In other words, are we putting them at risk if we don't deworm more than twice a year? Dr Kellon's course material states: "At any given time, approximately 90% of the Cyathostomes inside the horse are in larval stages, including encysted. Fecal egg counts are a very poor tool for determining Cyathostome infestation." and "A deworming may therefore stimulate encysted forms to emerge. This also occurs in the late winter/early spring. When large numbers of Cyathostomes are encysted and emerge at the same time, extensive damage to the bowel can occur.""

I had done fecal egg counts on my horses in early spring.  Both came back with zero egg counts, so I wormed in the spring and then did not worm again until fall (6 mo.).  It was October.  I wormed with Ivermectin at evening feeding.  The next day, after feeding the horses, Abby's heart rate went sky high, became sweaty, started to poop a lot to the point of if being loose like cow pies.  The vet said to take her to the clinic pronto.  A long story short, Abby was diagnosed with Colitis, was in intensive care for 7 days, got through it and has not had another bout since, thank the Lord.  The vets do not know for sure what caused it, but think, since the only thing different was being wormed, that the ivermectin must have killed off stongyles in the gut that then triggered the encysted strongyles to come out, causing a highly toxic condition in the colon.  Now, since that happened, I worm every 12 weeks, switching between ivermectin, moxidectrin, and strongid (fenbendazole is said to not work anymore, unless you do the 5 day worming).  I give Abby banamine the night before, the day of worming, and the next day just in case there is anything that would cause inflammation.  If she starts to have runny stools after worming, I also give her psyllium for a couple of days, plus  1 Capsule of Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS once a day for about 3-4 days.  Both my horses still have never had any egg counts in fecal tests, but I will never worm only twice a year now.      
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