Welcome Mandy, you came to the right place. I just wanted to tell you what I do with the ODTB (Triple Crown Natural Balanced Timothy Cubes) as the "carrier" feed for my horse's supplements. The cubes are a smaller sized cube. They are very compressed but if you use HOT water the cubes will expand and fluff up. My horse doesn't like sloppy wet feed so 2 X day I put his 1 lb of cubes into a bucket with just enough hot water to almost cover the cubes. I give the cubes a swirl so all the cubes have gotten some water but are not covered with water. I cover the bucket and by the next feeding the hay has expanded and looks like chopped hay without being soggy. I mix an oz of salt, 2 oz of ground flax and his needed minerals into the softened cubes and feed. To begin with you may have to feed more cubes and start with less salt and minerals until you horse adapts to the change in feed.

After feeding I set up the cubes with hot water for the next feeding, cover the bucket and walk away. I suggest the bucket of soaking cubes be kept in a heated space until feeding time. I have had to switch to boarding my horse and it took a while to get my boy back to eating well but the farm owner is now following the same steps with ODTC and my horse is eating well again. 
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