I have a 7 yr old welsh part bred pony home bred she has suffered with laminitis most of her life she is again suffering and has been for the last 3 months despite numerous vet visits and following their professional advise x rays we don’t seem to be making any head way
Her recent blood sample approx 10 days ago have revealed an insulin result of 670 she is now been prescribed metformin 15 tabs twice daily along with danilon twice daily 
I have weighed her and she is approx 366kgs I keep a close eye on her weight as she has been up to 469kgs in the past
she receives lami pro along with vitamins and minerals from global herbs she has Dodson and Harrell safe and sound one scoop twice daily along with soaked hay a 4kgs in the day and a 7kgs overnight 
She hasn’t left her stable for approx 3 months her bar shoes have been removed 
can you offer any advise to help me try and improve this highly emotional and distressing situation
many thanks
Mags Jones 

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