Re: Looking for help getting weight on my picky eater, who is IR and PPID

Emma B

Hi Jaini, 

sounds good to stop the buckeye. Really the Brooks Fibre o is the thing Noisette will gobble up. It is 17% NSC but I've risk balanced giving it to her just to get her to eat. I don't have the breakdown of the 17%, but do you think it's ok to continue with the 2 lb per day or even increase it when adding in the soy hulls and flax? I don't think she'll eat ground flax without it being mixed in well. Do you think the Brooks Flax Appeal would be a good option for flax? It's stabilized and also contains soy hulls. 

Ive always been concerned with Noisette getting enough protein especially as she ages. I guess the additional soy hulls will accomplish this? What about adding alfalfa pellets too? I'm trying to also think of other things that would get her interested. She's done well on alfalfa cubes previously and also her second cut hay in her stall has more alfalfa in it. also re protein, would a hay around 20 % protein be too high? 

Im seeing reference to too much fat being bad for IR. I've always thought it'd be helpful for Noisette with her weight issues. Just wondering why it would be bad?

i will pick up one of those mineral mixes you suggested and try to attach my hay analysis. Having trouble from my phone.

sorry for all the questions and thanks again for your time!

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