Re: Looking for help getting weight on my picky eater, who is IR and PPID

Lorna Cane

On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 03:14 am, Emma B wrote:
sorry for all the questions
Hi Emma,

Never be sorry. That's what we're all about ! 
I think we're all in trouble if we never have any more questions. :-)

Just wanted to butt in here to say I've never had a horse who doesn't like ground flax , although I know a few other horses on this forum who don't like it.

My horses also adore soy hull pellets . You may be surprised at how easy the switch over will be.
I prefer the soy hull pellets to beet pulp (although their profiles are virtually the same) because all you do with SHP is add water,and serve.No soak/rinse protocol.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario, Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002


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